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  • What is Jayne's Collective?
    We are a collaborative workspace, open to everyone seeking growth and development for their whole self. We’re focused on the whole self because we know it’s all connected, and it all matters. Let’s stop leaving parts of ourselves at “home” or at “work” and bravely integrate all the parts so we can truly thrive!
  • How do I become a member?
    You’re able to purchase a monthly membership and single sessions directly from our website or by stopping by the collective on Montgomery Street!
  • Can you tell me about your members?
    We’d love to! Our members are ambitious, engaged, enterprising, kind, compassionate, dedicated, creative, motivated, adventurous, and so much more! Being a business owner is NOT required or necessary to enjoy and benefit from the collective. In fact, it thrives on the uniqueness of its individual members. Members join from different professional industries, with different educational backgrounds, and because of different lived experiences. What they all have in common at their core are some shared values around kindness, curiosity, and connectedness.
  • What are my membership options?
    We offer a variety of options so everyone can choose what’s right for them. You can easily upgrade if you want even more love and support! Connect Membership Collaborative Membership Collective Membership Community Membership
  • What if I'm not local?
    Thank goodness for technology! We've already thought of that and offer a special Community Membership for our far-off friends. We can share love, support AND access to selected content across the miles. [loud cheers & applause]
  • What if I need to cancel my membership?
    We’ll be heartbroken, but they say time heals all wounds! All kidding aside, we know life throws curveballs. If your circumstances change, we’ll help you cancel your membership when you need, so you’re only charged for what you used. Come back again whenever you miss us!
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